Learn How to Build Trusted Relationships

Being a Trusted Advisor fundamentally changes how you approach client relationship. Our programs provide on-demand tools and understanding to draw on every day, to help you be more open, listen with more impact, interpret real client wants, and better understand human behavior. In each course, you will:

  • Learn directly from the authors of our best-selling Trusted Advisor book series through "small-bite" videos about trust

  • Understand your own trust-building skills and tendencies with reflection questions and self-assessments

  • Strengthen your understanding with knowledge checks, plus insights and resources curated from our books and website

  • Create your own plan to build trust in important professional relationships by tackling up to 37 "take-action" challenges

  • Bring your learning to life using custom workbooks and worksheets to assess, plan and track trust-building behavior

What You Get

Being a Trusted Advisor Sample

  • Experience the Course Structure

    Experience multi-modal learning and how our unique content design and engagement brings your learning to life

  • Experience a Lesson

    Take a sample lesson to experience the content and apply it to a real-life situation. Start building trust now!

  • Experience the Videos

    Watch five sample videos to experience trust lessons directly from the authors of our Trusted Advisor book series

Sample contents

  • 1


    • Is Trusted Advisor Academy right for you?

    • Introduction

    • How to Get the Most Out of Your Learning Investment

    • Assess Your Own Trustworthiness

    • Course Resources

  • 2

    Sample Lesson: Get Your Advice Heard and Taken

    • Overview

    • The hidden driver of influence

    • Get Your Advice Heard and Taken

    • Reflect on an interaction where you weren't heard

    • Overcome barriers to paying attention

    • Masterful listening: Do’s and Don’ts

    • Check your knowledge

    • Explore additional resources on getting your advice heard and taken

  • 3

    More Video Samples

    • Build Client Trust ... Faster

    • What’s So Different About Trust-Based Selling

    • Make a Different Kind of Sales Call